psycho-3 - *Friday pewpew 9/28 Drug Altered consciousness...

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************ Friday pewpew 9/28 Drug Altered consciousness Motives for taking drugs has changed o No longer religious purpose or medication Drugs themselves have changed over time. Synthetic drugs appear regularly, with unpredictable consequences DEPRESSANTS Slow down activity in central nervous system---feelings of calmness and drowsiness Alcohol -intoxicating ingredient in fermented or distilled liquors o In American society we see nothing wrong with social drinking but disapprove public drunkenness o Alcohol is America’s number one drug problem*** Barbiturates - potentially deadly depressants o 1 st used for sedative and anti convulsant properties o Now for conditions like epilepsy and arthritis o 1950’s – researchers began to realize that barbiturates were highly addictive and potentially lethal. o Continued use leads to tolerance---AKA longer use= need more for same effect (the over-dose level does NOT change)******* Opiates- psychoactive substances derived from, or resembling, seedpod of opium poppy. o Changes in way opium and its derivative, morphine, were used opened the door to abuse. o Heroin- introduced in 1898 as cure for morphine addicition-created even stronger dependency. o
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psycho-3 - *Friday pewpew 9/28 Drug Altered consciousness...

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