Yelp Massage Review

Yelp Massage Review - FANTASTIC! I have had more than a few...

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This amazing Massage Therapist - Ms. May - AKA (Magic May) gave me the best massage of my life! She did not talk during the session, and performed poetry of motion in the muscles of my back to the timing of the music with her hands! She balances the pressure she uses equally between both hands. It was like she picking up my muscles and pushing all of the tension out of them with the rhythm of the music. It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had! If there were more stars I would rate this higher. I am so coming back to do this again!! The staff was friendly and professional. The table was warm and comfortable. The massage was
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Unformatted text preview: FANTASTIC! I have had more than a few massages in my time, but this was the BEST I have EVER had. The best in this area! This lady has been doing massage for more than 10 years and it shows. She knew all the muscle names and explained in detail about what makes muscles hurt and how to help prevent muscle soreness. I got water at the end of the session, I could use my credit card and the price was very reasonable for as experienced as she is. The ambiance is sort of a modern Victorian flair, very nice, and with large treatment rooms. I was very satisfied and goofy grin relaxed. LOL....
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