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Week 9 Discussion 3 US101

Week 9 Discussion 3 US101 - I use collaboration with my...

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It is proven that studying in groups stimulates critical thinking more than studying individually. When there is more than one person studying or working together, there tend to be more ideas and communication. A group setting helps everyone to express their thoughts vividly, and it allows them to back-up their ideas. We collaborate here in the classroom with group chat and our daily responses. Critical thinking, in groups, helps us to discuss our ideas and come together with a positive conclusion.
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Unformatted text preview: I use collaboration with my critical thinking all of the time. When I am at work, talking to my fellow associates and arguing our ideas with each other tends to make the day run a lot smoother. Without collaborating with other people in the workplace; it would leave us with believing our own ways, and not having an open mind to what other people’s thoughts are. It goes for the same in the classroom. We should collaborate our thinking in a group, so we can move closer to a surer situation....
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