Week 9 Discussion 2 US101

Week 9 Discussion 2 - come up with a good solution After learning more about critical thinking I will continue to apply it to my everyday life so

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After watching the video on critical thinking, I have found that there are key actions that you must take to come up with a problem solving plan. The key actions are: recall, similarity, differences, cause and effect, examples to ideas, ideas to examples, and evaluation. Your mind uses these seven actions every day, and when you combine them towards something; you are performing critical thinking. I have used these actions in my daily life to solve problems. When I am at work, I ask fellow associates and customer’s questions that pertain to the problem, so that I can
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Unformatted text preview: come up with a good solution. After learning more about critical thinking, I will continue to apply it to my everyday life, so that I will be more efficient. There are some similarities and differences with my critical thinking skills in my daily life and in my academic life. I ask myself questions and find the answers in the readings so I can discuss and debate with my classmates. At work and in my personal life, I tend to learn from other peoples mistakes and ideas; then I come up with my own conclusion....
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