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week 8 Discussion 3 US101

week 8 Discussion 3 US101 - but there is a link to help you...

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There are many services provided by the Center for Mathematics Excellence. There are tutorials, videos, practice problems, tip sheets, Power Points, web links, and other services that will help us throughout college. There are several links that allow us to further our math skills. I believe that the most useful service will be to refresh my math skills. There are a lot of links associated with ways to build your confidence for math. I have math anxiety,
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Unformatted text preview: but there is a link to help you use your math anxiety to help you perform better. Phoenix Math will help me understand all the concepts, before I take my first math test. There are also exercises and tips that will help develop my math skills. I am a virtual learner, so I will be sure to watch the videos on math. There are many more tips in this section on ways to build your math confidence, which will help me as a college student....
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