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Week 8 Discussion 2 US101 - same day The Plagiarism Checker...

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There are three key services offered through the Center for Writing Excellence, and these services may make you a more effective academic writer. The three services are: WritePoint, Plagiarism, and Tutorials & Guides. I use these resources all of the time to improve my writing skills. WritePoint is a review system that gives you feedback on your grammar. This service is very useful; I like it because it enters comments in your paper to show you your errors. It also returns your work very quickly so you can submit the paper on the
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Unformatted text preview: same day. The Plagiarism Checker checks our work to make sure that it is authentic, and not just copied of someone else’s work. If your paper comes back with work from another artist, then you are supposed to revise you work, and put in the correct quotations. The tutorial and guides section is there to help us with grammar and writing skills. The links in this portion will help us learn the writing process. These resources are excellent for making us a more effective academic writer....
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