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The environment has affected human health since the beginning of time. There are many facts that prove and encourage this theory. Growing up as kids, in elementary school, we learned that plants and trees produce oxygen. Obviously this is an important quality due to the knowledge that human life cannot survive without oxygen. Humans are not the only life that needs oxygen to survive. Every kind of species, from an insect to a giraffe, thrives off of oxygen. Without the existence of living plants and trees, all of these creatures cease to endure.
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Unformatted text preview: Unfortunately, there are also negative effects on the environment. Thanks to the productive invention of the motor vehicle; there is now a something called smog. Smog is an unhealthy mixture of smoke and fog. The results of smog, takes away from our oxygen supply. Not only does smog decrease visibility and create a haze, but it also battles against nature. Smog can cause harmful effects on oxygen producing plants, and cause lung cancer in humans. Our environment needs our support....
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