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week 7 Pagerism - a httpslfla Ill cam/ 4Ul47538£w...

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Unformatted text preview: a httpslfla Ill cam/newreportjlassiaaspfoi 4Ul47538£w BLsesslorI'i bb3565E4Ube1d613da052bled04e4dBLlan n_us& 6837219134647 preferences helg ‘ p 52d :14—1 4012 9:51 pm CST . turnltinQ $124,135, a" seven Swim-w hue-urc— Oniglnafify Report Ward Count: 353 BY Timothy Lewanda Similarity Index Internet Sources: 2% , Dublicatiuns: 2% Smemecl' 1 2% Student Papers: MA Document Viewer What's this? rnclude aucted include bibliuqlaptuz aclude small matchsv mode: —= Q ‘31 E 2% match (Internet from 6122110) After saving up some Wellaearned vacation time at Work, imagine taking the Whole family on a trip. There are many amusement parks to choosefrom that offer a great time, but Where will they sleep at night? Two places that cometo mind when asked this Question are: camping in the Woods or staying in a motel. These tWo both sound fine for a Weeks’vacation, but only one is suitable. Compared to camping in the Woods, staying in a motel provides a more luxurious, comfortable, and stable environment for an enjoyable vacation. Staying In a motel offers many conveniences that camping cannot. In a motel, they have installed thermostats and airconditioning units. These appliances allow us to change the climate in the room, so Wecan be morecomfortable. Simply fliDDing a sWitch to turn on a ceiling fan is something that cannot be done in the Woods. A fan is convenient to have for feeling a breeze and circulating the air around you. There is hot Water readily available In a motel, but the woods do not provide a hot Water heater. There are some difficult ways to heat water from a river or stream in the woods, but Who wants to work while they are on vacation? With hot Water being available, we can expand our capabilities of what can be done on our vacation. Some things that we can do With hot Water are‘ take a hot shower, make coffee, and cook food. Washing clothes is made a lot easier ifthe decision is made to stay in a motel. There is clean running water so we can wash our clothes, and hang them out to dry, opposed to the woods where the water that maybe available is not filtered orclean. If wechooseto camp in the woods; there Will bevery little available, and we Will have limited options and decisions on many things. There is no onethat can perform room service in the woods. In a motel, there Will be no need to make the bed, Wash the sheets, take out the trash, or out away the tent, becausethe room service offered by the motel will be glad to do that. There is no need to even make any food; all that needs to be done is to call the front desk and ask for food to be delivered, or call a fast food restaurant to deliver. The services that some motels offer are amazing. IfWe stay in the woods, We Will have to clean up after ourselves. Room service is made available in a motel to clean the rooms around noon, usually. There are also no amenities available in the woods. Amenities are features that increase attractiveness or value es eciall of a iece of real estate or a eo ra hic location. Motels have swimming pools Gyms, saunas, breakfast bars, internet, club houses, and much more. There is no running water or electricity in the woods. We cannot hook up our video games, computers, or televisions Without electricity. IfWe Were to camp in the woods for our vacation, it Would not be an enjoyable vacation. A motel provides a safe and stable environment for a vacation, but camping in the Woods brings challenges to safety and stability. Staying in a motel is a place Where we Will be comfortable and the environment is peaceful. Beds can be extremely comfortable, opposed to sleeping in a bag on top of rocks and dirt that is not level. It Will be peaceful knoWing that you can lock the door at night and fall fast asleep. A motel is Where emergency services are close by, and there is phone access. What if somebody gets hurt and needs to go to the hospital? A reliable phone With service is needed to call for help. Ok, so a cell phone With full service is available in the woods, but what ifthe emergency ...
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