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Week 7 Discussion 3 FP101 - have insurance on my car and I...

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If I was not making payments on my vehicle or my house; I would still keep insurance on them. Insurance protects the valuable items that I will own. Why would I risk having a major event, in which something bad was to happen with my belongings, like: theft, flood, accident, fire, or mold? I would not let that happen. Insurance makes me feel safe because it ensures me that my belongings are protected. If I were not to
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Unformatted text preview: have insurance on my car and I totaled it; I would be out of a car, and I would probably be seriously injured. Now, it will take a lot of money to just go buy another vehicle when I could have just had it insured. If I were to not have insurance on my house and I got robbed; I would lose many valuables and probably be very sad that I did not purchase insurance for my house....
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