Week 7 Discussion 2 US101

Week 7 Discussion 2 US101 - flexible schedule to allow for...

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After reviewing the tutorial for Using Multiple Intelligence to Enhance Studying and Learning; I have found some tips for creating a study environment that may be most effective for me. I scored really high on logic and math so; I think that managing my study time wisely is an excellent tip. In order to manage anything, you have to be good at math and logic. I have drawn out a schedule on my fridge that I use to visually see and manage my school work so I can prepare for exams and get my course assignment turned in on time. It is also wise to have a
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Unformatted text preview: flexible schedule to allow for unexpected distractions. I scored really high on musical and rhythm as well so; I think that making your learning style work for you as you study is also an excellent tip. I like to listen to music when I do my school work because it helps me get rid of the distractions that surround me, and it helps me to concentrate. I have just recently tried to use music as a way of becoming a more effective studier, and it has definitely improved the way I do my school work....
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