Week 7 assignment 1 hum176

Week 7 assignment 1 hum176 - Many news stations often...

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Many news stations often report on the same breaking story, especially if they think it is an interesting topic to the audience. As news stations take facts from the breaking topic; they put it into their own words, and make a story for people nation-wide to listen to or read. It is the reporter’s responsibility to take facts from other sources, provide evidence for the facts, and put everything into their words; so they are not plagiarizing straight from the source. A reliable source is important for the reporters to research as well; if they report false information then they will tell everyone false information, and be held responsible. The three stations: cnn.com, msnbc.com, and foxnews.com are ones I will be writing about that share the same news breaking story. These stories all send the same message, although, they do have their differences and similarities. I favor one out of the three of these news station web sites because one presents than the other ones, in my opinion. There are way too many news stations out there for us to choose from, and most of the time, they all report the same story. The topic of this breaking story is Santorum wins Kansas caucuses, and the purpose of this
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Week 7 assignment 1 hum176 - Many news stations often...

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