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Week 6 Discussion 1 US101

Week 6 Discussion 1 US101 - become a more effective college...

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My results from the VARK state that I am mostly a kinesthetic, a read/write learner, and a visual learner. These results are accurate because those are how I learn best. I prefer to learn with experience and practice, but reading or writing helps me to learn as well. Usually when I watch someone do something, or demonstrate how to do something, I will learn quicker. Everyone learns a certain way because it is how they understand to learn things better. The personal learning styles that I use help me to
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Unformatted text preview: become a more effective college student. I learn by reading the course materials set out for me, and the videos that are provided to me as well. The Online Learning System helped me use the three VARK learning styles that are: kinesthetic, read/write, and visual. I use these styles of learning to help me become a more effective college student....
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