Week 6 Assignment 1 US101

Week 6 Assignment 1 US101 - Interpersonal = 5...

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Based on the Kolb Inventory of Learning Styles I see myself using all of the abilities described in the text. In able to be an effective learner, we need to apply all of these abilities: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and tallying my score, I consider myself to have intuition, thinking, introversion, judging, extraversion, and perceiving. These are my strongest preferences. The results of the VARK and Multiple Intelligence Inventory are listed below. Total number of V s circled = 3 Verbal/Linguistic = 3 Total number of A s circled = 5 Musical/Rhythmic = 5 Total number of R s circled = 4 Logical/Mathematical = 5 Total number of K s circled = 4
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Unformatted text preview: Interpersonal = 5 Visual/Spatial = 4 Intrapersonal = 2 Bodily/Kinesthetic = 3 Naturalist = 3 There are some similarities and differences that I see with my results. My similarities are that, I am a good listener because I like music and active experimentation. Some of the differences that I see are that I need to improve on my Multiple Intelligence unlike the VARK, but I still have room for improvement. The learning strategy that is most effective for me is the logical and visual intelligence. I learn mostly from experience and my common sense. This knowledge will make me a more effective college student because; I now know what learning strategies I need to improve on, and how I can use my visual/aural skills to improve my learning experience....
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