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Week 6 Assignment 1 Sci162

Week 6 Assignment 1 Sci162 - 1 Spreads to vital organs 2...

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I. Introduction: (Thesis Statement) There are many types of skin cancer, and they can be very dangerous if not treated properly. II. Basal cell carcinoma A. Most common type of skin cancer 1. Least serious 2. Grows slowly and rarely spreads B. Risk Factors 1. Chronic sun exposure 2. Exposure to radiation III. Squamous cell carcinoma A. More serious type of skin cancer
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Spreads to vital organs 2. Spreads slowly B. Risk Factors 1. Use of tanning beds 2. Chronic sun exposure IV. Malignant melanoma A. Most serious type of skin cancer 1. Spread quickly throughout the body 2. Gets into blood stream and internal organs B. Risk Factors 1. Having many moles or unusual moles 2. Fair skin V. Conclusion:...
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