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Week 6 Assignment 1 Com155 - A. No room service 1. Make...

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Appendix F COM/155 Version 4 1 Outline and Thesis Statement Thesis statement: Compared to camping in the woods, staying in a motel is more luxurious, comfortable, and provides a stable environment for an enjoyable vacation. (Introduction) I. Staying in a motel is better A. The climate is your choice 1. Changing the thermostat 2. Turning on a fan B. Hot water is available 1. Taking a shower 2. Hand washing your clothes II. Camping in the woods
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Unformatted text preview: A. No room service 1. Make your own food 2. Clean up after yourself B. No amenities 1. No running water 2. No electricity III. Stable environment for a vacation A. A place where you are comfortable 1. Peaceful environment B. Where emergency services are close by 1. Keep your cell phone on Conclusion: You will enjoy your vacation if you stay in a motel, rather than camp in the woods....
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