Week 5 Discussion 3 US101

Week 5 Discussion 3 US101 - questions This way I can think...

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There are some ways that I use to effectively manage my time now that I am an online student. After getting home from work and having dinner, I will get started on my school work, so I will not have to worry about it later. I always post my school work on the fridge so I will have a clear overview of what I need to complete. Every time I wake up in the morning, before I go to work, I will read the daily posts and discussion
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Unformatted text preview: questions. This way I can think about what I am going to write while I am gone. I also do my participation responses first. This helps me think about what I am going to talk about in my discussion question. I also like to remove all of the distractions so I can focus on my work. Over time I will develop more strategies to effectively manage my time for school....
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