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Week 5 Discussion 2 US101

Week 5 Discussion 2 US101 - would be to go for a run in the...

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According to the stress score exercise, I am really stressed out. I know that being a college student is contributing to my stress level. It stresses me out because I get distracted sometimes, and I lose my train of thought. When that happens, it may seem like it takes forever for me to get my school work completed. Another way that it stresses me out is when I having other things to do, but my school work is holding me back. There are some ways of relieving stress that I would like to try. One of them
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Unformatted text preview: would be to go for a run in the morning. It seems like when I used to run, I would feel much better and less stressed. The hard thing would be to stay committed to waking up early in the morning to run. That is something that I will have to make a habit. My biggest stress reliever is smoking. I know that quitting smoking and eating healthier is a very good solution. That is just something that I will have to work on....
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