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Week 5 Discussion 1 US101 - I like to plan for tomorrow...

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For the most part, my daily schedule is efficient. I have made it a habit to wake up, take a shower, and brush my teeth. My work schedule is four to five times a week and usually the normal ten to seven o’clock. When I come home from work my wife and I will eat dinner and watch a little television. I like to do my school work at night because it fits right into my schedule. These aspects of my schedule should not be changed because I am used to doing them. They can be changed, but I have no reason to do so.
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Unformatted text preview: I like to plan for tomorrow today, but sometimes you have to make last minute decisions. On my days off I go to the appointments that I have scheduled, and spend time with my wife and family. Sometimes I will do side-jobs for some landscaping accounts to get some extra money. Some things always use to come up when I scheduled my appointments so close together. Now, instead of having to reschedule, I will leave room for error or emergencies....
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