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Week 5 assignment 1 hum176

Week 5 assignment 1 hum176 - goal The society that we live...

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Having a critical eye is something I was born with, and in the movie The Kid; I spotted numerous qualities that I liked about this movie, and what it told me about the society that we live in. In this movie an aging trainer and former boxer sees a young athlete’s potential and helps him train and fight his way to the top of his division. This movie was more than just entertaining to me; I learned a valuable lesson, and some good qualities to have. The Kid starts of training, but his parents are against him boxing, although his brother plays a more dangerous sport like hockey. His parents do not understand how bad he wants to box, so he does it behind their back. He is exceptionally good because his trainer is good, and he wins a couple of fights. The Kid’s trainer passes away, and he is left on his own to fight for the championship. His parents find out that he boxes, and after some drama they understand and let him box. I have learned to never give up on my dream, and to do whatever it takes to achieve that
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Unformatted text preview: goal. The society that we live in is not always supportive. His parents could have had a stronger relationship with his son and support him. Fighting is not going to get us very far without a trainer, and in the movie it portrays The Kid trained for a year before he was able to fight really well. After his trainer died, his words and motivation lived on as The Kid wins the last fight. I have seen many of these types of fighting movies before, but the quality of the scenes and the way society ties in with it is excellent. I like to watch movies like this one, because it was just like something I or someone else would have experienced in real life. I liked the drama he had with his parents and the courage and skill he had to be a fighter. It is not hard to have a critical eye; especially when watching a movie with numerous qualities and what it told me about the society that we live in....
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