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week 5 assignment 1 com156

week 5 assignment 1 com156 - Appendix H COM/156 Version 5...

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Appendix H COM/156 Version 5 1 Associate Level Material Appendix H I. Introduction Thesis statement: Recycling materials will help the country reduce financial expenditure, preserve natural resources, and reduce waste. II. Recycling is important for numerous reasons. A. The recycling process helps in reducing the pollution caused by waste. 1. Rubbish releases harmful chemicals. 2. Chemicals and gasses are not good for the environment. B. Products made from recycled materials are less expensive than those made from fresh materials. 1. There is no compromise on the quality of such products. 2. The process takes a lot less work using recycled materials. III. There are three steps to recycling a product. A. Collecting and processing recyclables is the first step. 1. Recyclables are sent to a materials recovery facility to be sorted. 2. Recyclables are bought and sold just like any other commodity. B. Manufacturing recyclables is the second step. 1. T oday’s products are being manufactured with total or partial recycled content. 2.
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