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Week 4 Discussion 3 US101

Week 4 Discussion 3 US101 - as possible so I do not forget...

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Vocabulary skills are important when reviewing your college textbook, because they are full of new terminology. There are vocabulary building strategies that help us to be successful in learning these words. If there are terms in the book that you do not know, you should jot them down on flash cards with the definition so that you can study them later. This helps me out a lot because I come across words that I do not know, and it is easy for me to write them down as soon
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Unformatted text preview: as possible so I do not forget where they are at. I like to consider the context as well; if I see a word I do not know I will see if I can understand it better by looking at the surrounding text. Once I understand the new terminology, I will use it in my writing and speaking so that I will know it better when it comes time for exams. All of these strategies are most effective for me, because I use them when reading my materials....
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