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Week 4 Discussion 2 US101

Week 4 Discussion 2 US101 - chapter Marketing helps me to...

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Reading college textbooks are more challenging than reading for pleasure. When you read for fun, you do not have to take notes, review what you have read, or focus on what you are reading. On the other hand, college textbooks are there for you to read so that you can prepare for tests and exams. There are four steps in active reading that will help you to be more focused and help you have a greater understanding of what you are reading. The four steps in active reading are previewing, marketing, reading with concentration, and reviewing. These strategies have been very helpful to me in reading college textbooks. When previewing, I take what I already know about the subject, read the summary, and I skim the
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Unformatted text preview: chapter. Marketing helps me to focus and concentrate when reading the chapter. This step will determine what text is important to highlight and make notes on. Reading with concentration is the key to helping me focus on my school work. I will find a place to study where I can avoid distractions, so I will be concentrated on my school work. Reviewing will allow me to review the material from each chapter every week. With these four steps I can be more focused, and understand what I am reading so that I will be prepared for tests and exams....
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