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Week 4 Discussion 2 FP101 - about giving out your credit...

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I have learned a lot by reviewing the consumer information provided. There are many ways to establish credit. One way to establish credit is to open a personal savings and checking account in your name. With time, your transactions will show that you can handle money responsibly. Another way to establish credit is to apply for a loan, but this way can get expensive. These loans come with interest, so you have to pay off the loan as well as the interest on it. When you establish credit, you should protect it. One way to protect your credit is to be careful
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Unformatted text preview: about giving out your credit card number to anyone, particularly if someone asks for it over the phone. There are some ways to improve poor credit, if you have fallen behind on your payments. One way to improve your credit is to cut up your credit cards as soon as possible and stop using it. I am not saying that you should ignore your bills, but to call the creditor to see if they can set you up with a more affordable monthly payment....
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