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Week 4 Discussion 1 US101

Week 4 Discussion 1 US101 - the student webpage as my home...

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Different surroundings can easily affect your reading comprehension. Sometimes I am able to focus, and tune out all of my surroundings, but at times I get really distracted. When I get online to login to the student website, I find myself opening other windows. I have Facebook as my homepage, and once I see that I have a new notification or friend request, I tend to browse other links. Yahoo and Ebay are two other distractions that I seem to get pulled into. This has been distracting, and it keeps me from doing my school work. In order to minimize this, I will set
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Unformatted text preview: the student webpage as my home page. I will save my internet browsing for when I am done with my school work. Music or talking can be very distracting as well. These are hard to tune out, but they can be avoidable. When I am about to start my school work I turn off the music, loud noises, and I ask that no one talks to me while I am reading. If all else fails, I will go to the library where it is most quiet....
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