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Biases are not always negative; they can help you construct a strong argument. Bias is to cause favoritism with some things or some people. Being biased can help you defend your points of view, and motivate you to have a strong debate. The more you care about your essay; the more time and effort you will put into it. Being biased can also negatively affect your essay. When the bias begins to take over the essay is when you should consider opposing ideas, do not exaggerate your
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Unformatted text preview: ideas, and do not add the first person letter I too many times. You want to use bias to your advantage in the essay, rather than drowning it out with your exaggerated opinions or ideas. Essays need your own biased opinions or ideas, but not too much of them. You want the subject to be about what you are talking about, not about you. Biases can help you construct a strong argument to write a successful essay....
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