Week 3 Discussion 2

Week 3 Discussion 2 - feedback from my instructor I will...

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I have learned a lot of information from the Orientation Workshop. First, I learned how to submit my discussion questions and assignments. Second, I learned how to participate in the classroom by submitting discussion posts to the main forum, and to have them posted two times on four days of the work week for a total of eight posts. Thirdly, I learned how to use the library to look up articles or books for my research. I also learned how to submit my papers to WritePoint and the Plagiarism checker. Furthermore, I learned how to view my grades, and view
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Unformatted text preview: feedback from my instructor. I will apply what I learned to do the best I can to achieve good grades in this class. My time has to be managed accordingly with my school, work, and other things that I do throughout the day. I will use the chart that I made to set small goals as milestones so that I can achieve my larger goal. With gaining more knowledge from my classes, I will apply new skills to my personal life and at work. The Orientation Workshop has taught me a lot and I will use everything I learned in my upcoming classes....
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