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week 3 dicussion question 1 COM156 - well as defined image...

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Yes, I have done both of those things. I have watched both television shows and movies on my laptop as well as a portable DVD player. I emmensely enjoy watching movies on my laptop. Not only with my laptop is it easy to switch from one movie or show to the next, but I also have a VGA output. If you are unfamiliar with a VGA device, allow me to explain. VGA output allows me to hook the laptop to my big screen television. So automatically, I know I am going to indulge in the experience of the movie. The picture automatically converts from the laptop to the television and makes for a very colorful as
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Unformatted text preview: well as defined image. As for the audio, this is converted as well from the laptop speakers to the television speakers. When I am not at home with my laptop, the experience becomes more of a personal one. With this being more of a portable device with more restrictions than a television, it makes for a more difficult encounter to share with others. Obviously because the screen is much smaller with much less sound to offer, it can not be the same experience as it would be with the entertainment that you can receive in your own home....
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