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Week 3 Assignment 1 hum176 - get what you want Michael went...

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The video Prison Break is more than just a piece of entertainment that shows Michael Scofield’s plan to break his brother out of jail, and it portrays the life in prison. This movie is more than just a piece of entertainment because it is a story that shows viewers the determination one person had to get his innocent brother out of jail. In this video Michael Scofield has an ingenious plan to get his brother out of prison. Since Michael helped design the prison where his brother is incarcerated, he had integrated the blueprints into a pattern that he had tattooed on his body. He gets into the prison by getting arrested for robbing a bank, and refers to his tattoo as an aid in escaping. The prison in the video is much like the prison in reality where you have to watch your back, and make deals with the guards or other inmates to
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Unformatted text preview: get what you want. Michael went through all this trouble and risked his life to save his brother from the death penalty. I learned a lesson from this video, and that lesson is to have the determination, strength, and develop a plan to help someone out when they are in danger. Even if the plan is extreme, and I have to risk my life; I will do it for someone that is close to me in my life. This movie was very entertaining, but the plot encouraged me to do whatever I have to do for my friends and family. Prison break is more than just a piece of entertainment because it portrays the life in prison, and it shows Michael’s determination to get his brother out of jail....
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