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Week 2 Discussion 3 FP101 - information is lost it is going...

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There are many ways to store and save your personal information. My banking account information is saved online, so that I can view it at any time. I also have statements sent to my mailing address, so I can file them in my filing cabinet. It is good to be organized, especially with important information such as your personal finances. I scan all of my tax information onto my computer, and I save them onto my hard- drive. This way I will never lose my information, even though I file them in my filing cabinet as well. I should label everything better so that it will be easier to find. If this
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Unformatted text preview: information is lost it is going to be hard to recover. I make my monthly budgets on my computer so that I can save them. I also print them out and post it on my fridge so I have quick access, and never go over my budget. It is important to keep your information locked up. I have a key lock on my filing cabinet so no one else can access to my personal financial information. I also have a password protected folder on my computer where I keep copies of all my information....
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