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Week 2 Discussion 3 Com155 - correct my paper with using...

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I think that the revising and editing phase of an essay are the easiest steps for me to complete. These steps are easiest because; I can go through my essay and pick the sentences or words that need to be changed in order for it to sound right. I edit and revise at the same time, so I consider these steps to be as one. When going through my paper to edit and revise; I put myself in the reader’s shoes. Doing this helps me to
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Unformatted text preview: correct my paper with using words that are more descriptive and understanding. I think that writing the rough draft is the most difficult step of the writing process. It is difficult for me because, I believe it to be the lengthiest part of writing a successful essay. The rough draft is very important in writing your essay, but it requires a lot of critical thinking, and it can be very difficult to type with writers block....
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