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Week 2 Discussion 2 - you get a lot accomplished but it is...

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After listening to the podcasts there are some changes that I anticipate in my day to day schedule to further my education. I anticipate to, stop procrastinating, focus at my computer, and learn to cope with too much to do. In order to stop procrastinating I will make things a habit instead of putting them off. For instance, when I am thinking about something that I know needs to be done, I will do it then instead of putting off until later, so I do not forget about it or forget to do it at all. To focus at my computer I will clean my desk area and remove any distractions that might distract me away from my work. I will not multitask, when multitasking it may seem like
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Unformatted text preview: you get a lot accomplished, but it is actually a bigger distraction than a time saver. I will write sticky notes that remind me of what I have to get done so I do not get off task. To cope with too much to do, I will drop something if I have too many projects or overwhelmed with things to do. If I did a crappy job at everything I could probably get it done or if I did everything at once I would probably turn into a nut case. The key to coping with too much to do is to prioritize, delay, or drop a commitment that way I can focus on one or a few task rather than too many....
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