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Week 2 Discussion 1 - my boss and I got wrote up for not...

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It is always important to have good communication whether it be online or not. I have experienced many times when there was poor communication. For instance, I work at an auto repair place where I take peoples order when they drive up to get their car serviced. A few times customers have asked me to rotate their tires a certain way, and if I do not free form their requests in the palm pilot then the request will never be acknowledged. Since the customer did not get his tires rotated the way he wanted he was very frustrated. He ended up complaining to
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Unformatted text preview: my boss and I got wrote up for not communicating properly. There is a solution for poor communication! The key is to focus on what you are doing, write things down if you have to, always ask questions, and do not forget to listen carefully. Good online etiquette is also important because if you do not communicate with your classmates or your teacher, they are not going to know what your question is or what you have to say unless you post it. It is always important to have good communication....
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