Week 2 Assignment 2 US101

Week 2 Assignment 2 US101 - not being able to find a job....

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Goal Action Plan Career: Computer Programmer Goal: To make it through school with good grades, and get a good job. Type of Goal: (Realistic) Determined to get educated. Purpose of Goal: To get an associates degree so I can get a job in computer programming. Major Benefit to Me: I will get more income and enjoy my job. Benefit to Others: My family will benefit from my salary change, and getting a new house, and a car. Barriers: My barriers will be not having complete work, bad grades, not graduating, or
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Unformatted text preview: not being able to find a job. Solutions: I will do my best on my school work, and be sure to make my work complete, and to start posting resumes to jobs as soon as possible. Action Milestones: I will treat every week as a milestone to achieve my goal. Each time I complete my work for that week, I will be one step closer to graduation. Overall Target Date: My overall target date is October 1, 2013...
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