Week 2 Assignment 1

Week 2 Assignment 1 - as working long hours not managing my...

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1. Goal: My Goal is to build a house on some property I own in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. 2. Type of goal: The type of goal I have is personal, professional, academic, and financially related. 1. Purpose of goal: When I build this house I will have accomplished, a good home for my family to live, and a safe environment for my children and my wife. 2. Major benefit to me: The benefits I would expect to receive after achieving this goal would be that I wouldn’t have to pay rent anymore, and a higher paycheck. Considering that I am paying a lot for gas and bridge toll. 3. Benefit to others: My family will benefit from this by knowing that I have a house that they can come over to spend some time and not feel crowded and even have their own guest room to sleep in. My coworkers will benefit from this also, knowing that I am closer to work, and I will be on time to help them out as a team. 4. Barriers: There are some barriers that keep me from accomplishing this goal, such
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Unformatted text preview: as: working long hours, not managing my school time correctly, and not having a calculated budget for my finances. 5. Solution: I can overcome these barriers by talking to my boss to get more days off, but to get the same amount of hours so I can still have enough money to budget my finances and enough time for my school work. 6. Action milestones: Some small objectives that will help me in my progress towards achieving my goal would be to go out to the property and start by cutting down some trees, filling in some areas with dirt, digging a septic tank, hooking up the water, and setting an electric pole for electricity. 7. Overall target date: I have thought long and hard about a good date to have this goal complete, and June 2013 is realistic date to accomplish this. Considering the barriers I have allowed ample time to achieve this goal....
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Week 2 Assignment 1 - as working long hours not managing my...

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