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Week 2 Assignment 1 Sci162 - 6 Three of the health topics...

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1. Online counseling and in-person counseling are two ways that students may receive counseling services through the LRC. 2. The heading that is labeled Thriving is where the Health Tools and Health Challenges are found. 3. Assess Your Health tool is found under categories in the Health Tools link. 4. The five categories located on the Live Healthy Page are: How Healthy Are You, Lifestyle Change, Physical Fitness, Prevention and Screening, and Tips for Healthy Living. 5. Resources and articles about good nutrition can be found on the Healthy Eating link, under categories, and onto Good Nutrition Guidelines.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Three of the health topics that can be found on the LRC are: Health Tools, Live Healthy, and Healthy Eating. 7. Two categories found under the Medical Care heading are Medicine and Dental Care. 8. On the LRC, a person would find information on addiction and recovery under the Balancing heading. 9. On the LRC, a person would find information about health issues related to aging under the Aging heading on the Health link. 10. Three psychosocial health topics that are available on the LRC are: Aging, Balancing, and Thriving....
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