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Week 2 assignment 1 hum176

Week 2 assignment 1 hum176 - Assessment B Writing the...

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Title Credibility and Impact Exploring the Internet and Politics  Assessment A, Part One - Credibility and Impact: Exploring the Internet and Politics  Indicate whether each website is credible.  The Drudge Report: credible   Daily Kos: credible   The Huffington Post: not credible   POLITICO: not credible   Salon: credible   Colbert Nation: not credible   The Hill: credible   The Nation: not credible   Red, Green and Blue: credible   Crooks and Liars: credible   The Washington Post: credible   The New York Times: credible   Assessment A, Part 2: Answer the Senator about Credibility  Comment on credibility issues pertaining to using information from Internet sources.  Using information from Internet sources are not always credible. Writers sometimes just share their opinions, and so not  show the facts.  
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Unformatted text preview: Assessment B: Writing the Speech Speech Introductory Paragraph The Internet has a major impact on politics. The Internet informs and empowers Americans, which lets people participate in the political process more. The word on the Internet spreads so fastly that politicians have to react quickly to what is happening in the world. The Internet has more than gossip and bad news about polotocs. Politicians can reach out to people nation wide by using social media sites to communicate with Americians. The Internet should not be used to manipulate or decieve people. If politicians used the Internet to advertise their campaign, and viewed the audiences reactions daily; they will be most viewd by the people. © 2011 Toolwire, Inc. All rights reserved....
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