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Week 1 Discussion 4 FP101

Week 1 Discussion 4 FP101 - student in college is having...

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Our education plays a critical role in our financial success. Education and schooling is the preparation we need for our future career. Being college educated benefits us in several ways. If we did not go to college we would not be eligible for high paying jobs, and we would probably burry ourselves in debt. When we graduate from college we can earn substantially more on average per week at a job than when we were high school graduates. Another benefit to being a
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Unformatted text preview: student in college is, having knowledge to make better educated financial decisions. On another note, having a good job that you got because of your degree can increase your credit score. A college education will affect our long-term financial plan as well. We will have access to jobs with better benefits. These benefits can include retirement matching and health savings accounts. Overall, you will have higher lifetime earnings and bigger financial goals....
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