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Week 1 Discussion 3 US101 - computer programming because I...

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I have many personal and professional reasons as to why I am pursuing a college degree at this time in my life. From a personal point of view; when I was younger I would always watch my mom sit in front of the computer. I naturally became interested in the online world and gaming. When I got older I began to wonder how computers were made, and if I could ever make a computer. I started my education at a hands-on vocational school. After I graduated, I decided to pursue a college degree in
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Unformatted text preview: computer programming because I like doing it. From a more professional point of view, I decided to pursue this degree because I want a good career that I can get paid well and where I can enjoy my job. I researched this major, and found out that computer programming and business management are most highly successful degrees in the current job market. My wife and I have a lot of goals ahead of us and I figured that schooling was my best option at this point in our life....
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