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Week 1 Discussion 3 Sci162 - trouble with There are some...

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There are some challenges to achieving overall health and wellness. The six dimensions that are discussed in the text book are easier read than done. It can be hard to stay committed to being physically fit, and eating healthy. I spend a lot of time with my school, work, and my family. Where am I going to find time to practice the six elements of a healthy lifestyle? There are a lot of habits that you must kick, in order to become physically fit. Smoking and a poor diet are some of the habits that most people have
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Unformatted text preview: trouble with. There are some ways that you can overcome the challenges that you are faced with. In order to find time to get out an exercise you must sacrifice something. You may have to sacrifice your favorite television show, or wake up earlier in order to get that work out. You have to strengthen your mental health in order to kick the habits, and maintain self-discipline. Once you defeat your challenges; I believe that you will have a better out-look on life, and an overall greater quality of life....
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