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Week 1 Discussion 3 Com155

Week 1 Discussion 3 Com155 - answer questions to develop a...

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Asking questions is a good method of gathering information to determine the purpose of any communication. There are some questions that you might need to answer before writing an academic essay. Making good decisions about your content and delivery will give the audience an impressionable presentation. Some questions that you should answer are: “Will the presentation require technology to project figures and charts?” “Should you wear your favorite tie, or high heels?” In order to make the audience more perceptive to your directive; you must
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Unformatted text preview: answer questions to develop a convenient relationship with the audience. The audience plays a vital role in the presentation of your material. If the audience is more experienced; you should probably use sophisticated words, wear professional attire, and use graphs. If the audience is younger; you should use words that they will understand, dress casual, and use some video clips for your presentation. Ask yourself questions about the audience to determine how they will react....
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