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Week 1 Discussion 2 US101 - Being part of this class is...

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After reviewing the online tutorial, being a part of the class in an online environment means a lot to me. It means that I am getting an education that I can base around my everyday schedule. I consider myself to be a self-motivated and self- disciplined individual. In this classroom I can get my work done on my time, although, there are deadlines that I am required to meet just like the traditional classroom. All of the efforts that I put into the online classroom will result to be deeply fulfilling. I believe that my education will be fruitful regardless of how it is achieved.
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Unformatted text preview: Being part of this class is different as an online student than a traditional student. As a traditional student I would have a set schedule, a face to face learning environment with my instructors and classmates, and I would have to commute to and from the facility. As a student of an online class I can choose when in the day I will participate, set my own expectations for time management, and I have comfortable working environment without face to face interaction....
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