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Week 1 Discussion 2 Com155

Week 1 Discussion 2 Com155 - write The paper that is...

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Considering the audience in the two scenarios that are provided; I see a big difference in these messages. The first message is a news story that will be delivered to audiences everywhere that read the local newspaper. The second message is a letter from a school administrator, delivered to the parents as an audience. There is a difference in the content, and what type of audience these writings are delivered to. It would be important to consider your audience in each of these situations. You have to know what your audience will be expecting, and how they will react to what you
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Unformatted text preview: write. The paper that is written in the local newspaper should be receptive to all kinds of audiences. The letter that is written to parents should be persuasive and have a strong concern for the school-aged children. Considering the audience applies to my academic writing as well. My audience is the students and faculty members of our college. In order to have a successful discussion; I have to write according to what the topic is about, and consider what their expectations will be....
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