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Week 1 Discussion 1 FP101 - make more money to pay my bills...

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I have read and learned the five steps in the personal financial planning process. These steps will help us make effective and important financial decisions. The steps in this process are listed as follows: 1. Analyze your current finances. 2. Develop goals. 3. Identify and evaluate strategies to achieve your goals. 4. Establish and implement your plan. 5. Reevaluate and revise your plan as needed There are a couple of questions that I may ask myself when in step one. How can I
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Unformatted text preview: make more money to pay my bills and other expenses? They are cutting my hours at work and I am having a hard time getting a good paycheck. My solution to this problem is to look in the paper for a full time job, or to start up my own business. Where is all my money going? I tend to spend more money on fast food and other things. My solution to this is to stop spending my money on things that I do not need, and keep everything that I buy accounted for....
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