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Week 1 Dicussion 2

Week 1 Dicussion 2 - link so that everybody may view them...

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I have learned a lot of information on how to use the university online learning system. Logging in to the website plays an important role in accessing the syllabus and reading the posts from the teacher. I believe that ill become a most effective and efficient student with the information that the online learning system has to offer. I have learned how to complete assignments in Microsoft Word and attach them to the assignments link so that the teacher may view and grade them. I have also learned how to post discussion questions under the discussion
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Unformatted text preview: link so that everybody may view them and with doing that I get credit towards participation and attendance. In addition to the most important things that I have learned, I can tell whether the teacher has posted something or another classmate has. Also, I have learned what the images next to the posts mean. I do not have any questions at this time, but if I ever come across any I will post them in the individual thread. Thank you, teachers and classmates for giving me the opportunity to further my education....
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