Week 1 Biography - doing injection molding to save up money...

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Hi, my name is Tim and I was born and raised in Freeport, Florida. I grew up in this small town where everyone knew each other. Trouble seemed to follow me for a while when I was in high school which led me to fall out of touch with my schooling. When I turned sixteen I was able to move in with my sister, in Michigan, in hope of a fresh start. She helped me through a lot of hard times and encouraged me to get my diploma. I met my daughter, Cassidy, on August 29, 2006. A couple of years later I completed my G.E.D., and thought about attending a college. I worked in a factory
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Unformatted text preview: doing injection molding to save up money to move back to my home town in Florida. Meanwhile I was talking to my friend, Trishia, whom I have known since we were twelve years old. She and I ended up moving back to our hometown at the same time, and we got married! We are now looking forward to our new baby, and our little angel should be here in March. I have finally decided to go to college at the University Of Phoenix, where I will be studying to get my associates degree in computer programming....
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