Week 1 Assignment 3

Week 1 Assignment 3 - OLS I will contact the t echnical...

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Technology problems always occur, that is why I have a plan when I am unable to access the OLS or post my assignments. My plan is to first, check my internet connection to make sure that it is still working. If it is not working I will reset my router and it will usually restore my internet access. Second, is to check any other website, and if they work then it must be a problem with the OLS. If there is a problem with the
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Unformatted text preview: OLS I will contact the t echnical support, which is available twenty four hours a day. Also, if I have questions or issues regarding the online classroom or any other technical issues they have a number that I can call, it is 1-877-832-4867. If all else fails, I will go to the library, or Mcdonalds to use the public computers to get on the internet so I can access the OLS or post my assignments....
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