Week 1 Assignment 2

Week 1 Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 o List the steps you...

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Assignment 2 o List the steps you would take to access OLS. I would go to my student website at https://ecampus.phoenix.edu and log in. From the Home page of my student website, I click Discussion to enter the OLS and participate in class discussions or post responses to discussions questions. o How do you access the Main forum? From OLS, I can access class discussions by clicking Main in the Forums menu. o How do you access your Individual forum? From OLS, I can click on discussions and click on the tab (Individual forum) in the forum box on the left hand side. This is a private forum; only the student and facilitator may access it. o How did you find the Orientation Workshop readings? From the student website, I clicked on the classroom link, then the materials link. It lists all the readings right there by the bullets. o Where must you post your assignments? Click the Classroom tab, and then click Assignments. From the Assignments web page, find the Assignments box on the upper-left corner of the page and Click on the current week’s link in this box. Next, click
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