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Week 1 Assignment 1 US101

Week 1 Assignment 1 US101 - My proudest moment was when I...

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Confessions of a College Student Name: Timothy Lewanda DOB: 13th of April Hometown: Freeport, Florida Major: Computer Programming Favorite School Subject: Math My Dream Job: Programming new software or video games and working with codes and computers. Favorite Books: Cross Country and The Big Bad Wolf Favorite Way to Relax: Sitting on the couch with my wife and watching a movie. The Person Who Inspires Me the Most or Would Like to Meet: Jesus, My parents, My wife My Proudest Moment or Biggest Accomplishment:
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Unformatted text preview: My proudest moment was when I got married. My Number One Fear of Being an Adult Learner: Not getting good enough grades My Biggest Obstacle When It Comes to Academic Communication: My biggest obstacle is writers block when it comes to communication. My Top Five Expectations for Attending College: Get good grades, further my education, get a good job, code a computer program, read a lot of materials....
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