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essay question 7 - Name and describe the five most...

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Name and describe the five most important civil liberties decisions that the Supreme Court has ever rendered. Why, in your opinion are these decisions so important? I would say one of the most important civil rights cases was Korematsu v. US (1944) because although the court ruled against Korematsu and deemed racial discrimination as a valid wartime measure, this was the first time the court determined that race was a suspect classification in equal protection cases that requires strict scrutiny. I feel that this is extremely important because from this point on, the court would no longer allow the state to legislate in ways that ostracized certain groups of people. The court recognized that our country has a long history of discrimination, and enforcing the most heightened judicial scrutiny made the state responsible for compelling justification and be held to a higher standard then they were previously held to. I would then look to Brown v. Board of Education because the Supreme Court held that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional and went to far as to overturn
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essay question 7 - Name and describe the five most...

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