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Brazil v Mexico - Natural resources—both have oil and...

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Brazil v. Mexico— Are there ways to say Brazil and Mexico have foreign policy similarities— Have historical similarities: have history of dependence Both became bureaucratic in the 1990s Neither one have military power—either by choice or by necessity have exhibited soft power—don’t have nuclear powers Both have used international organizations and believe they are important and strong— but Brazil wants to be a member of the Security Council, are a lot more ambitious to play an international role Both are trying to make relationships to improve their statuses Demographically—roughly the same area of the world, two largest countries in the region Both very effected by global economic development and domestic economics—trade relations play a huge role in their foreign policy
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Unformatted text preview: Natural resources—both have oil and energy—Mexico has always had oil and recently brazil has discovered huge oil reserves Differences: Brazil wants a South—South relationship; whereas Mexico has been more connected with the North to enhance their status Argument that Brazil is succeeded in foreign policy—world cup and the Olympics Does the 2000 mile border in Mexico hinder them from having a positive image—does the border effect their foreign policy? Ideological differences—Mexico is more defensive (historical interventions), where Brazil wants to be a regional leader Different approach to trade—Mexico initiated NAFTA to lead into FTAA, and Brazil stands in the way of FTAA being successful...
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